What does the program entail?

What does the program entail?

It is the desire of almost every woman to have a well-defined physique. But people differ and what works for one may not work for the other. Currently, more and more women are out seeking for extreme measures to help them look and feel good about themselves. The cinderella solution is a specially formulated nutrition and exercise program made for women. It helps them to effectively and safely shed off any extra weight to develop an aesthetically pleasing feminine body shape. The program made in such a way that it works with your specific body shape and size to pull off custom guidelines which are ideal for your fitness level and general lifestyle.

It comes with a PDF manual which you can have printed out, or read on any gadget. The manual has comprehensive details on the idea behind the course and following instructions to be followed when dieting and exercising.

There is also a personalized 12 weeks exercise plan included in the program which can be carried out at home or any health fitness facility. The exercise plan present in a set of videos which demonstrate to you how to perform each of the suggested routines.

Unlike other fitness solutions, this program comes with community support and mobile access. The community support allows you to interact with other members on the program while the mobile access app is customized to grant you access to your complete nutrition and exercise program. The community supports you stay motivated and share your experiences with other users.

There is also a virtual nutritionist. Users can access this service through a software app that is personalized to offer nutritional systems depending on individual details provided.

How does the cinderella solution work?

What does the program entail?

The program gives you nutrition instructions and recommendations depending on your age, weight, body shape, fitness level, and height. It advises you on daily food choices, gives you sample meal plans and a guide on daily and weekly calorie goals. Information on macronutrients like protein carbohydrates and fats also provided. A much more exceptional feature of the program is that your nutrition suggestion changes to accommodate the changes of your body all through the program. All this information availed to the users through website which you refer to every week to get new nutrition instructions.

The cinderella solution has a whole body work out plan meant to work in line with the nutritional guidelines provided and your present fitness level. The workout is made up of numerous whole-body workout routines that improve cardiovascular health and helps tone your muscles. The exercise program is progressive to ensure the right end.

Why use the program?

The program is elementary to follow. The workouts well demonstrated and explained, and the meal plans provided are healthy, easy to make and taste great. It is also quite economical as it requires minimal equipment. And finally, the product offers you value for your money. Customers are guaranteed of 100% refund if they find the product unsatisfactory.


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